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Oro by Chef Luis Rodriguez

Chef Luis Rodríguez podcast on RadioPublic

Chef Luis Rodríguez is the creator of Cocina Rica, a gastronomic proposal that brings the flavor of a restaurant to your home, focused on well-being through quality products full of flavor. It is eating rich with the possibility of losing weight surprising your palate. Rodríguez's talent and creativity led him to create Oro by Chef Luis Rodríguez products, with the aim of elevating your kitchen in an easy and fun way. He has a YouTube channel where he has cooked with different personalities and explains to you about cooking while interviewing them. He has over 16 years of experience and has worked alongside Enrique Piñeiro and José Enrique, among other prominent chefs in Puerto Rico and internationally. He is a leader, he is committed to his country and that is why he created the gastronomic event Tapeando contra el Cáncer, where he managed to bring together more than 17 chefs and a Barista for a charitable cause. He is cheerful, disciplined and proud to be Puerto Rican.