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Differences Between Arábica And Robusta Coffee

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It is possible that when you go to a Cafeteria, Bakery, supermarket or specialized Coffee Shop, you never or almost never pay attention to the variety of coffee we buy, mostly you buy by Brand.

Here we will briefly explain two specific beans and tell you about the differences between the two great varieties of coffee that exist: Robusta coffee and Arábica coffee.

Robusta coffee has twice as much caffeine as Arábica. It is a type of variety that would originate from Central Africa, it is not very digestive, it has a bitter final taste, full-bodied and not very perfumed, and it is a cheaper coffee than the Arábica variety.

The other variety, the Arábica. It is a species native to Ethiopia. This variety represents more than half of world production and has less concentration of caffeine.

Arábica creates a more aromatic and soft palate drink, and is also more digestive. The most appreciated subspecies of Arábica are the Moka, Maragogype, Bourbon, Mondo Novo, Leroy, Caturra, Icatu, Catuay or Marella, among others.

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